G & S Bar and Wire

We manufacture titanium and other specialty alloys as wire and bar in various shapes. We put our knowledge to use to provide unique wire and bar solutions for each and every customer application. With expertise dating back to 1979, we pride ourselves on our deep technical knowledge and customer service focus.

Mission statement

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of the products we provide, and proactively pursue solutions for all applications. To do this, we build teams of talented individuals who strive to develop and maintain the highest quality service and products, all dedicated to the purpose of serving our customers.

The Fort Wayne Metals connection

In 2018, G & S Bar and Wire became part of Fort Wayne Metals. Dedicated to serving the medical device industry and other critical applications with precision wire, Fort Wayne Metals has a long history of providing technical expertise and customer-focused material solutions. We're proud to be part of the family, and to align our customer-service goals, titanium knowledge, and high-quality products with theirs. To learn more about Fort Wayne Metals, visit fwmetals.com.

Green energy

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and providing cost effective solutions for customers, we also continue to look for ways to improve our environment. We’re proud to produce most of our office space electricity with solar panels located on our beautiful campus. It’s a cleaner, more cost effective power source that contributes to an overall better environment, at work and in our community.